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Sunday, 16 September 2012

NEED HELP!!!! Baby corner makeover :)

 Dear friends, family and readers of my blog, this past few weeks we have been going through some transitions with our little one from staying in the play pan to letting her ran around freely inside the living room. The problem is how do i create a space for her to play. Like her little corner where she have her toys and books where she can chill and play.

So here is where you guys come in. I need your help to give me some ideas on how do I make it happen. I have corner at the living room that is empty and is dying to be turned into a play area for little Miss M. So guys, please, please, please help me with some ideas I have here a photo of the area where i need to do some transformation. Email to me or make a comment here on the blog or just pin a comment on my FB for your ideas.

All your ideas are greatly appreciated and welcome :)

Brainstorming is in oder!! :))

From her Play pan...which she rather spend outside of it rather then inside
To this classic "muka sepuloh sen" which translate to mummy & daddy please let me out of this Jail thingy! :))

As a result of the "muka sepûloh sen"....finally the play pan is up for it's closure until further notice :)

Hurry guys get the ideas rolling in for Miss M is totally un impressed with the set up now :(( 
You see what I mean ..... :((

Anyhow here is the said area by which will be transformed into Miss M's new playing area. I'm never good at decorating things more so for a baby play area so....I need HELP!

So you great decorator mom's out there...PLEASE HELP ME!
Help me get some ideas to transform this place to a baby safe place for reading/playing place for Miss M.

Everyone's idea is greatly appreciated and  do please email to me or make a comment here on the blog or just pin a comment on my FB for your ideas.

Thank you peeps! Hope to see some ideas rolling in here soon :)

À bientôt


  1. I think Iwould start by placing down a Berber area rug onto the floor and then maybe collect large colorful pillows to throw down on top of the rug that she could sit on. Maybe the window ledge could be used as a book shelf.

    Hope that helps.

  2. @Allison Silver

    Thanks Alison for the idea and yes I'm Looking maybe to put a rug on the floor :) Merci beaucoup for your help, really appreciated it! :)