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Sunday, 9 November 2008

A night of Mayhem :)

Last Thursday was the night where we had a small celebration of our own between myself, Hannie and Alys. Its kinda like a belated celebration of our birthdays together so we decided to have all the food that we longed to eat but not available. So Alys was put to work immediately to cook my favourite "Ayam Kicap Pecat + manis" Just like how my grandmother which is also Alys's mom way of cooking so its was going to be a blast and to top that off we also thought of "Ikan Tausi" the famous canne dfood from the olden days when we were living in Kampung Perinting this was our common food back then and not forgetting the green bean tumis with bawang. Goshhh! just as the food shows below the evening was a blast! we reminisce about our days back in the kampung we talked till midnight and finally we retire to our beds, its kinda like a slumber party because my other half was out stationed so it was a great joy to have some company and plus great food! Oh yes not forgetting also, our killer dessert! The Durian, Durian Delight! it was a tremendous delight indeed as i havent eaten durian in like for ages so it was a treat indeed! all in all, thank you hannie and aunty alys for bringing such joy to me with those yummylicious food! and happy birthday to both of us indeed!

Ayam kicap pecat + manis

ikan tausi

green beans

The durian durian delight from secret recipe yummmm :)

great food = great night!

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