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Sunday, 16 November 2008

Attention Philippe!

Today me and raymond went to shop for presents and finally we stopped by at a place that was once a familliar place for Philippe and raymond as they lived in this place before and its calle "La Chateau". We purposely drop by this place to take pics for remembrance sake for our dear friend in Paris, Philippe :) Enjoy the pics Philippe and dont cry ok i know you miss Malaysia and the malaysian weather! hehehe

le chateau! qui n'est plus vraiment un chateau.... enfin il ne l'a vraiment jamais été

Prince Philippeee!! You need to drop down some of your millions down to this chateau and help them with maintenance up keep i think hehehe :)

Anyhow, i present to you "La Chateau"

And of course the famous Prince Phippe's favourite Mall which he terms as "HIS MALL" Mid Valley, Megamall :)

just us!
C & R
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1 comment:

  1. Soooooooo nice to see my old condo again, as last time, I sadly had no time to pay it a visit.
    Isn't my old Chateau more an more charming ?!!??? Still at the top !!!
    Like good wine, it knows how to grow old; see how the jungle invites itself so harmoniously to the structure ... soon, it will be like Angkor Temple !!
    Merci merci Priscilla and Raymond for this very touchy thought ! I really do appreciate !!
    Le Chateau forever !
    Prince Philippe