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Monday, 3 November 2008

Just my day .... and my Birthday!

It the time of the year again where for one day we will feel uneasy or just thinking too much or just thinking back and fort of what you've done for the whole year and whats been achived. well my day is today and as always i dreaded the big day coz i will by then entertain stuffs in my head of things i should have done or not done and by the end of the day take it or leave it must go that day is today which is my birthday!

This year i have done tremendous leap towards my carrer in life as well as relocating myself to another place and looking back i wouldnt be able to do stuffs like that without the commitment and support of a dear one who is consistantly encouraging me to move on and stand out in the crowd and just express myself. I have always been a very timid person and took me a while to get out of this shell of mine and now look at me i feel like i have finally took the step out of my shell and become me.

Looking back, im afraid to do anything and try anything for fear of rejection and failure but now i have a better perspective in life and having somebody who is caring, loving and understanding and most of all supportive tremendously helping a lot with building myself up again and thats someone is my other half Raymonnd. And i cant thank god enough for bringing us together and hoping for many many more birthdays and lovely time and moments together for we always say to each only just begun :)

Today, i have a speacial treat from my other half and we didnt get to talk for the whole day until the evening when he mentioned to me on skype no need to cook we are eating out and im coming home shortly! then when he got back home, he was all wet from driving around in his motorbike and was holding a bunch of roses at the same time...I cried a little when i saw that because its not everyday that i get flowers on my birthday and i can count with just one hand how many times i receive flowers from a loved one and this is certainly the best gift ever. Before this it never bothered me people getting flowers from loved ones as i dont know how it felt and when it did happen to me my god i felt like im over the moon with happiness. With just a simple flower bouquet is enough to get me all teary because you can ask my sister how many times in my life do i get such gift...close to none. So this is the time for i will always treasure this moment and will always be a reminder for me and ray of how it felt like to make each other happy and felt loved. I guess we are one of the lucky ones to feel it and experience it and not take things for granted.

and not forgetting also to my family and friends far and near who have wished happy Birthday to me, it meant the world to me for having friends and family and relatives as all of you really touched my heart particularly my mom who tried to call me at 5 am in the morning just to be the first person to wish me happy birthday...thank you very much mom and to my sister mewot for sending me the morp picture of herself i know i can bribe her wt that picture hehehehe thanks sis :) and finally...

Just want to say from the bottom of my heart, i love you for you and thank you so much for being the pillar of strenght for me when im down or in need of a helping hand and most of all thank you for being you and loving me just as i am.

merci du cadeau mon coeur!

fleurs très belles

merci beaucoup d'un beau dîner d'anniversaire mon chéri FM :)

Acceptez les choses auxquelles le destin vous lie et aimez les personnes avec qui le destin vous réunit mais faites ainsi avec tout votre coeur!

Je t'aime

yours truly


  1. I love you too CIL !

  2. Iya lah tuh! only U and me knows what that 3 letter words stands for...right CIL2b :)) mwahhahahah!! :)

    I wish I was there to blow candles with you ...
    Bises de Paris