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Monday, 24 November 2008

Baby Ferdinand, Welcome to the world!! :)

Yesssss!!! Finally after the long wait, finally i'm an aunt!! My sister in-law gave birth to baby ferdinand today and i was soooo happy that both baby and mom went through labour without a glitch and that both of them are in good health! Phew!!

myself and Ray been waiting for the good news ever since she was in and out of hospital the past few days for only to find out its a false alarm; Then today finally baby Ferdinand finally made his debut into this world and here is Baby Ferdinand! Got this pic off my sis from smsing thru my brother's phone :) thanks guys for the pics! Now we can hardly wait to get back to KK and meet with our latest addition to the family baby Ferdinand. :)

last but not the least, Congrats to my brother, Reno and wife Clare! You guys did a great job indeed! take care and see you guys soon back in KK very very soon!

Love always,
Cilla & Raymond


  1. Hello aunti!!! feeling old already arnt we?

  2. chewah si shia ada sudah blog!! welcome to bloggy world boss! :) iya bah sudah tua sudah nih kan shia but tiapa soon it'll be my turn konon hehehe :)

  3. Congrats Cila...
    wow, Shia got blog oh!!

  4. Congrats to baby Ferdinand's parents; Reno & Clare :)