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Monday, 3 November 2008

Giap's visit to our home :)

It was definately an honour to have our friend Giap to stay with us for the weekend all the way from Vietnam. When i was in vietnam he was the perfect host to bring us around and went jalan-jalan with us and help me bought my cosmetic blue lenses :) It was really nice of him and so to return the favour although it was only a 2 day visit and plus he had to work half of it we had only the sunday morning free for he had to leave for vietnam the same day which also happens to be his birthday! so happy birthday to you Giap from both of us!

here is Giap and Ray ready for their management meeting and Ray packed with his Brioche to share with his workmates :)

Btw, thank for the bottle of wine Giap it was super nice of you indeed :)

The following day we had some time to spare after the late breakfast and took some shots at Giap for he had a very striking shirt on :)

Then Raymond finally do the tour of the place with Giap throughthe garden and finally to the Maple eternity swimming pool

we had a jolly good fun time at the pool and our guest was being very sportive for doing all those funny stunts inside the pool with us :) Thanks for the pose giap :)

For lunch we had some nice cakes and lunch at secret recipe for its also Giap's birthday so we got him a cake :)

After our guest left for the airport, ray and i decided to pay a visit to the canards and chase them around just for fun and walk around the park until it started to rain and we had to head back home :(
Then we decided to have dinner elsewhere so we went to Bangsar pasar malam to get out seafood supplies and then head back to BV and bought us some books from MPH and it was jolly good fun indeed browsing for them books and megazines

then we finally settled for Fish & Co for our hearthy dinner :)

what a day!


  1. CAN I steaaal his pool pic ( the one water up to his nose) & put in my BLOG?! hAAAAAAAAAAAhahahaa ! that's the pic which 99% resemble Li-Wei Nair! hahaha

    Anyways, Giap is a womanizer !

  2. of course can :)) hahahaasmaller version heheh