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Wednesday, 19 November 2008

Diana's visit to KL :)

Today i was ecstatically feeling very happy coz finally i get to meet up with my long time best buddy from UiTM which is the one and only DianaDominic :) Miss her very much so this meeting was really good as dont know when we will have the opportunity to meet up with each other again . But this time it was much more fun then always as she had her sister Felisa with her which made this meeting twice ads great as im pretty close with Felisa as well :)

we met up at Mega Mall, in Mid Valley and right after that we went to yum cha at a Thai Restaurant which happens to be Felisa's and Diana's favourite place to hang out because they love Thai food and i love Thai food also :)we talk and chat and "ketawa" until my cheeks and mouth just numb from all that healthy laughing...then suddenly..."Black-out-time" then everything changes and only Flisa would be able to explain this Black out moment and as for me and Diane, we just continue with our conversation and laughing our heads off ah, well...whenever "we" meet up theres always something funny or just out of this world happening and no different from today coz we have a very "Rainy-black-out-moment" and only Felisa know how to explain it :)

anyhow back to our jovial and happy mood we went shopping for goodies :) It seems that "doing shopping" have a calming effect on Felisa and so we all also "tumpang gumbira" alongside her we went from one floor to one floor until we exhausted our feets and bought some stuffs for ourselves and family then finally calling it a day when Raymond came and meet up with us :) We managed to snap a group photo of us with the help from a chinese sales girl who insisted to speak chinese with us eventhough we converse in malay to her ha ha ha. Anyhow, she did a wonderful job. voilà! our picture together :)
and hope to be able to catch up with diana again before she goes back to KK soon :((

Diana @ the Thai Restaurant

Our yummy spread :)

somewhere around here the "Rainy-black-out moment" happened.

tried to take a picture of us three but the camera was not cooporating much pfff!!
L-R : me, Diana, Felisa

We have a similar picture taken like this when we were in australia :)

Diana in her tulak pinggang mode hahahah :)

my camera also on strike that day dunno why :(

here is the group photo :)

Good friends dont come by that often but when they do, its for keeps! Thanks Diane and Felisa for a lovely afternoon spent with laughter, teasr and hugs! will always remember this moment and hope to do it again soon!

happy me!


  1. wahhh it was my wonderful day meeting up my best buddy ever in this earth hahahaa...hope to see you again and u know wat i told si siah's mother in law that you're here and she immediately asked you to come and visit her jagalah ko hehehe

  2. doi diane nanti sa kena "canggak" lagi how?? curry india mai tu dia cari :d

  3. Kama kao, Pitch..just mention your name will bring all the good memories of you and my family.. You are so kind.. For me our meeting few days ago would be the starting of many more gatherings in KL. Am happy for you..