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Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Zoo Day! [Aidil Adha break]

Last Week  we had a wonderful 3 days break from the Aidil Adha celebration so we decided to head out to Abu Dhabi and vist the Zoo there which is one of Miss M's favourite place to be :)
 So off we went to Emirates Park Zoo in Abu Dhabi.
It's a mighty hot day but good thing is there's air conditioning in some parts of the zoo which is in a closure  :)

Miss M enjoying the petting Zoo where they can feed animals with "sayur" (vege) for 5dhs per bunch

Various types of ducks and swans  also at the petting Zoo

cute aren't they :)

And my favourite of all, the Galapagos Turtles :)

One of Miss M's favourite, the horses! Also at the petting Zoo area.

Time out for Miss M to enjoy the small playground for the kiddies from within the zoo where they kept all the birdies. You can hear birds chirping and time to time Miss M went around to one of the cages to check out where the sound came from . Truly a wonderful learning experience for her :)

Some of the birds available at the palyground  and our favourite is the Hibou aka Owl.

Another fun time for Miss M as she minggles with kids her age and she was particularly intrigued by the twins as she was looking to her left and right and wondering why there are two girls having the same face hehehe...

Finally we are off again looking for the camels and giraffe for we have some goodies for them to eat :)
It was scorching hot but good thing they have them water humidifier all around the zoo to help visitors stay hydrated  at least Miss M get to feed the camels that seems to be forever hungry hehehe :)

They have a giraffe cafe as well where you can sit and drink beverages while feeding the giraffe its really exciting for the kids as you get to be real close feeding them giraffes :)

antelopes sharing the compound with the giraffes :)

Finally we escaped for a while inside the closure side of the zoo to relief  ourselves from the heat and view them animals with the help from some air conditioning :) Divine indeed :)

All these big cats are in the closure part of the zoo so we spent a long time in there  watching them growling, meowing and finally fall asleep hehehe 
One of Miss M's Favourite as well :)

And our final stop is at the aqua marine part of the zoo where they have some fishies inside small compartment aquariums with different fishies inside..we didnt stayed long for it was small and crowded so we left.

When you enter the Zoo the rabbits are the first thing you will see then when you leave the zoo these smallest monkey in the world  are the last things to see in the zoo :)

All and all it was great adventure for Miss M and it was a great difference with the Zoo in Al Ain where here its much more compact and smaller whereas in Al Ain its hectares and hectares wide. But anyhow, we were quite dissapointed that we couldnt go to the elephant feeding show as it was airing too late for us to wait  so we went home but at least we get to see the rest of the animals there and so we head back to our hotel with   a very tired but contented kid  afer all :)

On our next post, see ya'll soon!

À bientôt

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