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Saturday, 5 October 2013

Weekend activities with Miss M :)

Miss M's activities during the weekend shopping for goodies with papa since getting better from a horrible spell of fever ,cough and vormitting  for the past week so here's the treat for little Miss M for being a true trooper during her days of being sickly.
Bought the children's meal at Burger Max and she got a bubble thingy and here she was so excited to play with the bubbles which her daddy is blowing like a pufferfish hehehe :) One happy toddler indeed :)

And during our last vacation, we found out that sge likes to play with barbie and Ken so here's a little pressie for her a little barbie with a beautiful blue robe  which she choose for herself :)  The moment the box is in her hands she wants to quickly get rid of  it and hands on to the goodies hehehe :)  and as a bonus her daddy throws in some building blocks for her as well as she so like it during when we visited the clinic the other day and they has some similar toys  as that so got her that and at the end of the day she's one happy girl coz it is rare that she gets toys such as this all in one day...hmmmmm
And by night she is a fashionista already  hehehe. These toy sunnies comes with the barbie and another one of her favourite hobby is to wear glasses or sunnies so here's one that I perdicted will be torn apart in just a few here's Miss M enjoying it will it last :)

Happy weekend y'all!

À bientôt

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