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Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Montmarte (Vac 2013)

My most favourite place to be ...Montmarte :)
Brings back a lot of memories to me about this place and this was my 3rd visit to this beautiful place. My first visit to monmarte was I was visiting Paris for the 1st time with my husband back then in 2008 and you can read about it here in this post Canal St Martin, Bastile & Montmartre. The 2nd time I went to Monmarte was with my little sister a year after that in 2009 and somehow I didnt blog about this one hehehe

On both occasions I was still carefree and without much to carry about with me, but this time around it's different as I have little miss sunshine to care for and was carrying her stroller and baby stuffs so very much different from my other visit to monmarte. But anyhow, I enjoyed every minute of it as this time around not only I have my little family travellign with me but also my parents to enjoy this trip :) 

So here are some of the pics i managed to snap all the way to Monmarte :)

While waiting for the little train to go up to montmarte :)

Miss M and my mom enjoying the ride on the little train :)

I never seemed to ever get bored looking at the Basilique du Sacré-Cœur ( Basilica of Sacred Heart) It's so unique from the rest of the other basilica around Paris and it's white :)

See how pretty it is :)

a photo of my parents, just at the bottom stairs to the entrance of the basilica.
Mind you theres no pictures taken from inside of the Basilica coz it's prohibited :/

Going down after our visit to the Basilica to look for a restaurant to have our lunch

Later after lunch we walk around the crowded streets surrounding the Sacré-Cœur.  Every rue and alleyway is filled with people.

and see what I mean...

And I finally managed to persuade my parents to have a painter draw their portraits on a canvas just for memories sake :) Almost everyone who came to montmarte does this and you will have tons of painters to choose on thats for sure :)

While waiting for my parents to have their portraiture done, these two spend every minute they have  with each other full of laughter for they have missed each other for a good 8 weeks that Miss M and I have been away from DH. And so they didnt waste much time  catching up with the lost times :)

And here's one for the album :)

On our way down after the painture session, we came accross with a quartet which was singing beautifully and Miss M insisted to stay until they finish singing :)

Below are two snipets of their very talented singing in action :)

Every breath you take :)

Beautiful singing no? :)

They said you can view the whole of Paris from up here..perhaps they are right  (●̮̃•)

Going down we had to take the short cable car all the way down coz having the stroller and my parents it's a little bit hard to go down them steep stairs so of we go and this guy greeted us :)

And a small souvenir shop and the famous carousel for kids :)

And another one for the album! 

and then...its shopping time..NOPE we didnt do any shopping at all as Miss M was a bit cranky and also, we a late for our next stop so we just passed by this used to be our favourite hang out (myself and my little sister) ...sob! sob! sob! you will see why I said this..for shopoholics in the world this is a must stop! :)

You will notice huge number of people in the little Rue de Steinkerque. The street has been infected by T-shirt  and souvenir and trinket peddlers, but the two Sympa stores with big red signs are an excellent place to find cheap clothing, sometimes brand names that are either irregular or just fell off the back of some truck. Arrive early on Saturday morning and you can see a truck  and dump big boxes onto the sidewalk. And inside them boxes are piled  with clothes that are soooo cheap! Believe me, they are really cheap! Some of the Jeans and sweaters are from top brands here like Esprit, Naff Naff and etc. and they are all dumped inside a bin just like in the above picture :)

certainly a place to be if you a shopoholic :)

I remembered me and my sister spend hours and hours here just to kill time and money of course and i must say, we 've seen it all, The sight alone is remarkable. Elbows fly, hands spin through sweaters, money appear and disappear, clothes sail over shoulders, arms grow heavy under mountains of cloth we've been through it all but the most unforgetable thing really is when it's 5 minutes to closing time. They really throw you out of the shop and dont even care if they are losing customer  when they say it's closing in 5 minutes then you better believe it or else  all your clothes sorting  and weighing on your arms will be gone coz they literally will throw you out of the shop no kidding :)

So lesson to be learned here... dont spend too long in there you will lose not only heaps of money  but you might also get nothing out of it if you spend too long choosing for the clothes  and all too soon it's closing time already so come early and leave early is always best :)

Until my next post on our Euro Trip, stay tune ya'lls!

À bientôt

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