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Thursday, 17 October 2013

Paris Metro (Vac 2013)

I remember my first experienced with Paris Metro back in 2008 and I had never went on an underground subway before in my whole life and of course I was feeling scared and so it was the same with  my parents, they were excited to go onboard one but at the same time afraid too.

Before leaving I explained for about 10x that the metro here does not wait for too long  so you must  hurry and jump right inside the moment it stops moving...There I was thinking that everything will go alright as plan....NOPE!  mom and dad were going really slow when I at the time was busy lugging at the stroller with Miss M and hubby and at the same time looking back remindding my mom and dad to hurry up...but NOPE! they got left behind after all the drill!! I just managed to get my mom to look at me and making a sign with my phone that I will call her shortly and to stay where they are. Finally thank god for cell phones, I managed to call my mom up and told her to take the next metro  and we will join them on the next station. Phew! I was about to panic I cant imagine my parents being lost in Paris...grrrrrr....No way!

Finally everyone is onboard the same metro and finally I realised it's Miss M's 2nd metro ride in Paris too so she is all excited and insisted to hold the pole by herself hehehe and look at her poor doggie get left out  on the floor...pfffff

Mom and dad finding the metro ride to be fun and exciting..indeed :p

Finally we get to sit :)

Mind you this is the only time my mom is holding a camera through out the whole trip! and guess what?? she didnt even switch the camera on...hahahah

All in all, it was a nerve wrecking experience of nearly getting my parents seperated from us inside the metro but other then that it's just a wonderful adventure for Miss M and her grandparents was I who worried too much heheheh :)

to be continued....

À bientôt

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