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Monday, 7 October 2013

It's mommy's turn...

I have not been well this past few days and all my mommy duties have to be shifted to my DH including looking after his favourite little darling, Miss M :)

Usually when miss M is awaken at the wee hours in the morning she would go to our bed and position herself closest to me and fall asleep again BUT...this morning wt my never ending fever I woke up seeing what I saw in this pic.....awwwwee too cute...

And these two lovelies visited me in the room all the time to make sure I feel good and comfy and giving me all the TLC that I needed....felt so blessed 

And here goes the icing on the cake, the least I expected my little girl came to my bedroom bringing this old christmas flower decoration which she took from somewhere  and presented to me while I was sleeping and she stayed there until I woke up and saw what it is she brought to me...oh dear me my precious girl so young but already a thoughtful one and have a heart of gold sure it's not christmas but its ringging christmas bells in my heart to see what my darling girl just did for her not feeling well mommy... It's the thought that counts and May the good lorn shower his love and blessing upon you always my little poulette and mommy loves you forever! muahhhhh!

J'adore ma petite poulette!

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