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Wednesday, 12 June 2013

The Three Musketeers :)

Now it's time to talk about babies :) Yes, these are my babies :)
One of them is Miss M and the other two are cousins of hers which shares the same birth year as her and they are practically just one month apart of each other.
Baby Aki is in April, baby Maiya is in May and finally Miss M in june :)

 I took this photo during when they were 4; 3 and 2 months old.
It was easier to take photos of them then coz then dont move as much but the challenge was to when to snap  for one would be smilling and the other would be looking out of space and the other looking bored :)
I really do miss these moments when they were tiny babies such a joy to cuddle and kiss them and not forgetting them chubby cheeks :)
Love them! Love them! Love them indeed!

Then the first year came and go...pufff! just like that suddenly they are crawling , running, climbing and walking everywhere hence a play pan is needed to keep all of them together for a photo shoot. 
Wasnt easy and this is so far the best shot I can get from these awsome Three Musketeers :)
First year is quite challenging for the new mommies and daddies but these are the year where characters are formed and routines are set and any slight changes in the routine is a total chaos in the homefront. 
But no matter how hard it is, the happiness and joy always upsets the disaster and chaos and turned them into beautiful memories of when they were 1.

And now it's the terrible TWO they say. where chaos and disasters are multiplied by 2 times.
They are growing and glowing in our hearts and to us they are always a baby and the love they gave to us is a hundred fold and more so  it's just priceless.
Just those tiny little words when they said mama or papa and look into our eyes makes them stay a baby forever in our eyes, heart and mind and is just something that melts you inside out and makes you forget about everything hehehe. They are at the age where they can twist your arm with their charms and smiley eyes and lips and us loving every minute of it :)
In other words, they really rock our world!
Happy 2nd Birthday to all  three musketeers and may god bless all of you with a good heart thats filled with kindness and gratitude towards others and most of all bless each and everyone of you with LOVE!

Je t'aime musketeers!

À bientôt

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