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Friday, 7 June 2013

Our Bricolage/ DIY girl :)

Recently we  bought some furniture from IKEA to update my working area since we moved to a bigger apartment so we have more space to get a bigger working table for me :)

Since today is a public holiday here in Dubai , hubby took the opportunity to set up my new table and of course our darling LO is busy too trying to help her daddy getting the table ready for mommy :)

Ever since she's little she's always so interested  with tools and things to assemble with and each time the daddy is doing a DIY project she sure will be the first person to volunteer her tiny hands to help her daddy :)

Always wanting to help....

Mummy I'm busy bee today...daddy and I are building a castle :)

My tinkering belle hard at work :)

Thank you very much to this two hero in my heart  :) muahhhhh!

Now I can put two computers there :) yippeee!
I'll blog about this when I'm finished with the moving and arranging of things for my working place next time until then have a great weekend everyone!

À bientôt


  1. Ray, Dubai is big ka? i got my very bestfriend living there..almost 3 month suda..tapi saya lupa suda apa nama building dia..behind their apartment got beach..

    1. Dubai nih cam di KL jugak byk area tp kalau kau bilang blkg apartment dia ada beach then mesti di JBR nih Jumeirah Beach Residence ada jugak aku kenalan dr sabah yg tinggal disitu tuh :) dia pun blogger jugak kah nih? Lina kau panggil jah aku cill or cilla, coz ray tuh nama laki ku he he :)

    2. i tot raycillient is your full name..haha..sorry2..ya..itu la nama dia sebut. she is not blogger, dia asal tamparuli..wah best la klu ramai sabahan sna, at least ada kwn2 ble buat gathering kan..