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Monday, 3 June 2013

Saga trees are blooming :)

Tempreture is starting to rise here in Dubai and a lot of things are turning brown and dry just like the desert sands BUT this saga trees sure are a treat to the eyes for their red fire colour just makes you feel alive again.

We saw these trees at ACE today when hubby went out to get some supplies for his DIY projects around the house and so me and Miss M took the opportunity to go with him and this also gives me the chance to explore my new samsung Camera :)

This pictures are taken  at the ACE shop across where IKEA is and at the parking lot these trees are just bursting with red blooms :)

 Can you just look at that...when everything sems to be so hot here...just one look at this  blooms makes you feel the heat just right under your skin...which is true because it was quite a hot day today actually.

 refreshing and yet so fury like the fire :)

 These trees reminds me of the big  Saga treee we had infront of our house in Luanda, Angola where it attracts birds  and just before sunset the birds will be shrieking and singing at the same time calling for other birds to mark that sunset is approaching....I used to sit by the window with my D300 and my telescopic lense to catch these birds singing their goodnight tune....such memories of Luanda I do miss....

 Hubby likes these trees too and it too reminds him of Malaysia and Angola :) Miss M, is just plain curious of it she keeps saying WOW every few minutes :) for the album!

Left side
right side,
there are just everywhere  really :)

A wonderful day indeed to pass the day reminicing about Luanda, Angola  here in Dubai :)

À bientôt

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