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Sunday, 2 June 2013

Student Driver again..

 Today I'm starting again or rather I'm continuing where I left off  for the past 2 months of my driving classes.
I have done the 40 classes and all just that now comes the big guns of going for the road test itself. It's really nerve wrecking especially when theres a lot to be worried about when it comes to road ethics here in Dubai coz I can just see that what ever road ethics they learn during their classes just seemed to be just for the purpose of getting their drivers licence and right after they got it it's the  "I'll be damn" attitudes kicks in and all of a sudden the road are all theirs, ditch the rules, regulations and road  safety, just because they think they have 9 lives like a cat do and that they dont even think for a moment that their actions will cause not just for him/herself in danger but also to the public at large.

So, yes, I do feel worried and nervous about getting my drivers licence now :(

 whose idea was it to make me go get my drivers licence hmnnn....
But whatever it is...I must follow thru this till the end and thats to get to the bottom of having me driving in Dubai legally and safely.
I pray to god that he will always protect us on the road and make us safely return to our homes always..

Prenez bien soin de vous!

À bientôt

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