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Thursday, 12 February 2009

The whirlwind ...

When i said whirlwind i literally meant it....thats how it felt like these past few weeks or months after we tied the knot. Everything seemed to be fleeting pass us and like when we are on a train ride but at the same time its dizzying but most of the time it was like on cloud 9 :) Its a little bit of both really and thats also the reason why it took me this long to write something about whats been happening to me and my new married life.

It all started when we decided to get married in other words when my hubby proposed to me hehehe...suddenly everything seemed to be topsy-turvy. I mean after all this while we've been together we knew that we will get married someday, BUT when the time really comes it really comes thats all i can say hehehe. It was not all jolly good time for the process of getting married it is truly unbelievably dificult!! It took ages for things to fall through but when its done its really done! Between applying for our marriage licence, flying back and forth from KK - KL - KL- KK for the whole month of december was taking its toll on us and top of it all moving and packing stuffs to be shipped out either to France or to KK was really stressful indeed. But i am glad its all over now and now i must say we are both happily in our married life and moving on to the next stage in our life together and this could mean anything to everything :)

And before all this took place we both did something wonderfully great to mark our commitment to be together we hire a wonderful photographer namely Anna-Rina, i saw her work once on my pal Vera and hubby's wedding back in 2007 and decided that shes going to be the one to take our pre-wedding pictures and so she did on the 29th of November, we had a 2 hour session with her and so here is the outcome of it. We took pictures from the place that we reside as we wanted to have it as a remembrance of our union in this place where all of it took place, all the happiness and the union and the processes so we decided sentul-west is going to be our picture taking location and Anna-Rina did the magic after that as we both sure do not know how to pose but she made us really comfortable that day and just being ourselves, relax and enjoying the company :)


you can find anna's work either here or here :) Either one its all her :))

My favourite pic of raymond would be this one

I laugh and love this picture everytime i see it ....its just so Raymond :)

AND....this is also my favourite because this is definately us :)
we love to be in the kitchen chit-chat and laughing and just spending time like that so this is us indeed :)

And for the most romantique shot for me and ray would be this one at the Zen Garden @ Maple! I sooo love it :)

All in all...thank you Anna for the magic on them pictures and for creating such wonderful and memorable memories for us both to mark our wonderful life and union together , thank you so much for everything and we hope to see you soon in July :)

Love and smiles always

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  1. Awesome pictures, Cilla. Congratulations to both of you ;-)