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Tuesday, 24 February 2009

My First Valentine ever .....mon coeur

When my hubby said, ok mon petit coeur,I am going for a trip to the Netherlands for a Helicopter Crash Training Course in Rotterdam and you are coming with that point i was like hearing ding dong church bells...was so, so, so, happy as at least i'll be able to go out a bit and see new things. what i didnt realised is that it happened to be the weekend of valentines day so i have nothing planned as we are supposed to head back to Paris on that friday evening after spending 3 nights in snowy Rotterdam, my hubby suddenly blurted out his plan to bring me to amsterdm for my first valentine day celebration and i was so thrilled an excited about it as i didnt think he would be that romantic....but i guess i under estimated him :) gros bisous pour toi mon coeur :)

Anyhow friday evening we hopped on the domestic train from Rotterdam to Amsterdm and i think it took about 1 and a half hour to reach Amsterdam an finally we got to our Blue Tower Hotel in Bos En Lommerplein about 20 minutes away from the city centre. But although its quite a distant the trnsportation system in mstedam is very good and you can easily go here and there without any much trouble. Since we only have 1 full day to do sightseeing so we tried our best to packed everything in 1 day and some other the next half day.

I was so happy coz during valentines day it was sunny and not cold at all and everything was just nice and romantic including our lunch date at a small malaysian restaurant :) We managed to go to all the museums thats worth going like the Rijksmuseum, The famous Van Gogh Museum and we were fortunate enough to be able to see the grand exhibition of his works entitled "Van Gogh and the colours of the night" for his dedication over his facination with the night and its colours. Very interesting indeed. an cruises and geleries and just wondering about in the city.

It was a glorious vacation cum Valentines day celebration for me and this will always be in my mind and heart as this is my very first Valentine Day spent with my beloved husband so it will be in both our heart and mind forever :)
Je t'aime mon coeur!

Here some of the pictures we managed to snap during our very romantic walks in amsterdam. Hope you guys enjoy the scenery and think of tulips and think of amsterdam :)


The first thing i capture when we reach amsterdam going to our hotel in a a taxi

Our Fantabulous dinner at the Blue Tower Hotel...was really yummylicious indeed :)

The best way to see Amsterdam is by going on the water taxi cruise it was really cozy and full of suprises indeed every left and right is something out of this world!

After 1 hours boat trip its time to walk the streets and china town is just around the corner :)

oh! before that i also met a new friend name Eun Young Koe from Korea.

here is koe and me during the cruise

Madame Tussauds - just one of the places that we managed to drop by and see.

my favourite picture of me taken by hubby

my fvourite picture of hubby taken by me

and finally, favourite picture of me and hubby :)

and finally...what i ike most to have on valentines day you should ask is......
of course lah....Malaysian food!! :))
and for somebody who loves curry very much well of course i will order Curry Chicken and hubby with his forever long time favourite nasi goreng ayam!! :))

À bientôt


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