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Friday, 27 February 2009

All in a day :)

Today I woke up with a wonderful bright sunny day anda blue sky and was thinking maybe its a good time to check out the town and eventhough its still winter, somehow today it feels like Spring. Then maman invited me to go to a small pasar in the centre of Beauvoir and we had a good 10 minutes stroll to the town and i can only describe with words as i didnt have time to take pics as i was busy buying stuffs. Lets say maman do all the talking and i just carry stuffs :)
Then maman took me for a short tour of the Eglise or chapelle in Beauvoir.

Built in 1860, you can just imagine how old this chapelle is and its really pretty inside and maman and myself managed to sneak a prayer or two.....peaceful indeed...

L'eglise Romane de Beauvoir Sur Mer

Then later in the afternoon maman was showing me around her garden of what flowers are not dead and what is dead during the winter :)

I like the colours of dead plants with their leaves still attached....its just one of my facination :)

The Greens

The beautiul Camelias and parequets and violets are blooming

After the tour in the garden i had another exploration to do and this take me to Papa and his Jardine of wholesome goodness. The day before i was helping him planted some green peas and today we did the potatoes and radish and some salads. I must say this was my first time doing this and i enjoyed it very much as its my first time. So to all the potatoes, radishes and salads and peas that i help to plant....i hope you guys will bore a lot of food for us to eat during spring time :)

After the long walk i had with maman now, its time to say gooodnight and have a wonderful day to everyone from Beauvoir!


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