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Tuesday, 3 February 2009

My ordeal @ Chinois restaurant in paris

The food which cost me 16 euro as im paying for the weight and not the quantity erghhh :@ doi dogo! Clarity!


  1. In those plastic containers macam "dog food" gua lah!

  2. Kong Xi Fah Chai....this year you dont have to throw orange lagi loh....

  3. hia i had the shock of my life bah sudah lah i miss chinese food sekali dapat kedai yg selling so expensive terus makanan sedap terus jadik ndak sedap bah ....the chinese tea pun have to pay cesss....

    happy chinese new year to you too shia :) I still remember the day you told me to throw mandarin oranges hahhaha it was like one year ago and look at where i am now??? i guess throwing mandarin oranges during chap goh mei really works ahh shia :) so for the single ones throw plenty of mandarin oranges lah hehhehe :))

    No need for me indeed shia thanks for the advice dulu :))