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Friday, 13 February 2009

The Mariage.....19th December 2008 and Happy Valentines 2009

Well i certainly didnt think 2008 is going to be the year i'll be married but somehow, it did happened and it was life changing experience for both of us as we just up and do it. When we re first going out with each other, we were thinking ok lets give sometime for us both to settled into both our lives and we said to ourselves we are not in a hurry to get married coz 'we' thought its going to be simple and easy to get married with less hassle and all....but not too long after we launch the process to get married that we know when the toughies gets kicking and everything seemed to be long and winding and ....i must admit i wish i could just elope! hahahaha but even elopement needs a lot of work so scrap that idea out so we went the long and winding process just like everyone else :)

Particularly......if you are marrying to a foreigner or vice versa....the paperwork is painstackingly huge. And the amount of time spent to wait for a document to fall through is also making me go nuts but in the end i'm so so so glad that Raymond had all his papers ready from putrajaya to the french embassy as swiftly with no delays the most time spent is probably to do translation from french to english , malay to english and to french so there you go imagine all that....but somehow....we managed and things was falling into place just as we predicted until the moment we were in JPN Sabah. This part is the funniest one and we can only laugh about this now after we are now married but back then it was kinda stressful and I remembered being really bogged about it .We went to JPN 2 times one is to apply for the marriage certificate and secondly we went and get married there. The 1st visit went ok and we have all the documents in place and no problems whatsover and we have 21 days for the whole thing to be processed and get married right after that but somehow we were offered an option.....the guy who was attending to us was asking do you want super fast marriage or super super fast marriage....then both of us is like hearing bells in our ears when he mentioned that and of course we wanted the super duper fast one....the only thing is we didnt know that we were supposed to write a letter to the Chief Minister to have his approval then if we have his approval we will be married in 7 days. Phew!! with my bad Bahasa Malaysia and Raymonds something wrong somewhere kinda English we wrote the letter to th CM stating the reasons why we wanted a super fast one and so we did and with just one column of space to write I was going nuts trying to fit in all the things we wanted to write in the end....i told the guy find here it goes! Then after that we were on our toes to get the results from it and they say 7 working days and so we waited....

on the 5th day of our wait which was on a thursday, I got a call from JPN and they told me to get ready to get married the next day as my application for the super duper fast marriage was approved!! I was jumping up and down with joy and cant believe my letter to the CM went through ok..i wish I had a photocopy of that letter coz it was I think a bit terrible in terms of grammar usage and was just not expecting it to be a YES! So what to do I just call raymond up and told him to get his ass ready to fly tomorrow for OUR MARRIAGE! And he was happpy too and was busy packing his stuffs at the office to meet me at KL Sentral to purchase our tickets to fly the next day

Thank goodness I bought a “simply-Dress” beforehand at least its white is all I can say, you know me, when it comes to dressing myself im the worst really so I bought it thinking that ah well probably its going to be staying in the closet BUT I didnt have time to pick a white dress for me for the civil wedding so I just to took the dress and Ray bought me a beautiful last minute buy at the Sentral Station a white heeled shoe that I think looked elegant enough to match wt the dress I had so ,off we went and the next day.....

The next day we reach KK in the morning at 6.30am and Ray reach kk at 10am and the ceremony is at 2.00pm and finally we flying off back to KL the same day ! So there you go a whirlwind marriage again!! hehehhe

Anyways, I'm so glad that its all over now but the process made us more appreciative to things going around in our lives everyday and that nothing is simple and everything you have to work hard to make it happen. I choose Valentines day to make this post as this is a very special moment for me as for years and years growing up I never had a valentine and it was not so important back then but now I have so much to look forward to as now I have my own valentine day gift to have and to hold for life and thats my husband Raymond. No more searching for valentines for me as I have got my Valentines heart close with me for always! Je t'aime , mon coeur, bisous por toi :)

Happy valentines to all of you and have a wonderful day remembering our loved ones near or far they are always close in our heart.

Love always,


P/s..enjoy these pics of us getting married at the ROM in JPN KK

my last shot as a "bujang girl' hehehe
the shoe from KLSentral hahahahah

ad btw, if u havent yet seen a groom driving himself and his bride to get married well, he you go :)

Thank you also my beloved family far and near who gave us us all the support and help during our marriage and to my make up artist the sisters, dewi and elly thank you very much an dlove you guys always and to daffie and shafic for the pictures and to all my family members including tiny tots Baby ferdinand who was present during then and two of our witnesses (john and Milly)and my parents my brother and sister inlaw love you all very much and thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

Love always,



  1. wow... congratulations!!! wishing you a happily ever after..

  2. Congrats.....tell me..what happened to the dress already?? hehe.....

  3. Yay!!Congrats!Congrats!I'm so happy for you..:)

  4. Congratulations !!!!!!
    Did not visit or do any blogging after "chap goh mei"....and usually didn't look further but got a hint today when I drop in your blog after you mentioned "hubby" somewhere in your blog, so I scrolled down further....and wow Beautiful!

    My best whishes to you and hubby ....