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Sunday, 2 February 2014

Sunday Chilaxing! @ Little Explorers

This weekend we head out to Mirdif City Centre and to let Miss M experience the  fun activities at Little Explorer. She's always wanted to go to this place  but before she was not old enough to join but now she is  already 2.7 years old she's all set to explore this place :)

Little Explorers is an exciting mix of education and entertainment for children from two to seven, with a focus on learning and acquiring skills in a fun, safe environment. 

They have 5 zones altogether and they even have a drop off facility where you can just drop off your little ones for a certain amount of time here and you can do your shopping while your little ones are enoying themselves at the discovery centre.

This centre is organized in five fun-filled distinct zones, Little Explorers offers a fascinating, varied and unique experience, allowing children to:

1.Build their individual and social identity
2.Define their spatial and time-related reference points
3.Enhance their thought processes and stimulate their quest for knowledge
4.Develop their first scientific and technical experiments
5.Foster cognitive maturing and to exercise the body (specially designed for non-reading visitors)

Here are the Zones that Miss M explored :)

In this zone, young children explore and discover themselves as they build their physical, mental, and social identity. Here, they start to learn about their different emotions, and realize that their bodies are growing.

Featured Exhibits
My Body
My Capabilities
Growing up
My emotions

Here children become explorers and adventurers as they learn to construct their spatial points of reference. There is also a focus on allowing children to experience and enjoy their bodies in movement. For young children, exploring and integrating space is part of developing motor skills, language skills, and a notion of time. All these skills are part of the child's intellectual development.

Featured Exhibits
Representing Myself

This area fosters activities in groups of two, three or more, where children share, communicate, interact and imitate one another, building social skills. This is the foundation of a child starting to take his place as a member of society.

Featured Exhibits
The Building Site
My Entourage

In this zone, children participate in games and experiments that stimulate and foster cognitive skills. Children gradually develop their ability to understand their surroundings, by manipulating objects, words, and symbols.

Featured Exhibits
Wooden Machines
The Garage

In this space, children encounter water, air and light, elements from their daily environment, as an introduction to scientific and technical disciplines.

Featured Exhibits

So all in all, Miss M had a wonderful experience at Little Explorers and so did the parents. DH and I had a wonderful time discovering new things with our LO and hope to come and visit again :)

À bientôt

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