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Monday, 10 February 2014

52 weeks challenge #7 - If I Could Be Anything In the World

Thanks to  Becky from mrs to mama , She made a list of 52 blog topics or ideas that will help to shape the 52 weeks of blog topics  and so the journey begins :)

If I Could Be Anything In the World

1. A Painter
Gosh this is just one of those days when I believe I can draw or paint when in fact I can only do doodles :) 


2. A doctor
This is a result of too much playing doctor with my friends during childhood but as I grew older I find that at a sight of blood I'm the first one to be panic and fainting followed No to Doctor for me :)

3. A race car driver
Vroom! Vroom!
No. I cant drive!

4. An Architect.
No. Back to list # 1 = I cant draw/Paint :)

5. A Mom
Yes! I fulfilled this criteria 2 and half years ago and am a proud mommy!

À bientôt

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