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Saturday, 25 January 2014

Rome - Part I (Vac 2013)

Welcome to Roma! 
We arrived in Rome safely but the weather was very hot
and we quickly changed mode to full blown summer wear in  5 minutes he he he
My parents excited to be in Italy for the first time.

 Oh yes it's Miss M's first time in Italy too :)

Collecting our keys to the apartment and here's our ride for the whole week we were in Italy :)

pixies while waiting for our keys to the apartment.

My mommy dearest all smiles :)

Miss M enjoying her walk by the street  with only her pampers on as it was really a hot day that day.

Finally, we are off  to unload our stuffs at the apartment we are renting for a week in Rome and Miss M is all set on this journey!

As usual I didnt have much of a photography skill or what but here's my snap and go photos taken during our ride in the city going to our apartment which is situated just behind the Colosseum :)

Enjoy the pixies :)

Hope you guys enjoy the pixies, and do stay tune to more next time on my post on our vacation in Italy - Part II.

Take care and see you guys soon!

À bientôt

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