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Monday, 6 January 2014

[52 Weeks Blogging Challenge #2 ] - Who am I?

Thanks to  Becky from mrs to mama , She made a list of 52 blog topics or ideas that will help to shape the 52 weeks of blog topics  and so the journey begins :)

Who am I?

Well I’m I’m just happy to say that at this moment  I’m a stay at home mom with a hyper 2 and a half year old little girl who kept me busy 24/7. Making the family stay together fed and in tip top shape is my business and I hope to keep it running smoothly just like a big ben clock works!  At least that’s what I was hoping to be able to achive but most of the time I’m just content to be working as much as possible to keep the family happy and going great at home J

I’m a wife that is forever learning . To improve myself and to be best that I can achive I try to be on top of things and the learning part never ends . I hope to be able to complete my course in Alternative Medicine in the near future and that should keep me on my toes a bit but otherwise happy. I’m also learning to improve my family life with my small family of three so that we can have maximum happiness spent with each other’s company and love. I’ts a big challenge but it’s one that I’m doing happily coz  it’s the most rewarding experience ever and we are learning to be better parents to our LO as we go forward with life together as husband and wife and a family.

I’m a Daughter to my parents and my parents in law . Although I’m not always there , distance have never been a problem as we have the internet to thank for in this case. Would love to be there for them as much as I possibly can near or far this daughter is not going to forget where she comes from and how she become who she is today.

I'm a  sister to my siblings and extended family from my DH side and it is my nature to give and help as much as I can for the people I held dear in my life. I may not be there with them  always but I'm always a phone call or an email away from  my dear ones.

I'm a friend to many but only a few I held close to my heart and will cherish forever. I'm a friend that is never there when there is a reunion, always not texting or calling back fast enough, not able to go out with my dear friends like the olden days  but I'm always ever so ready with a shoulder to cry on and lending my ear for a cry for help ....I am there for my best of friends and friends in need...and wherever they are...I will always try to be there for them.

As a person,I am who i said I was, friendly smile, spontaneous ,unpredictable , stuborn  but always faithful to truth and love.
I may be wearing a lot of hats for the role that I'm in my life as a wife, mom, daughter, sister and a friend but these are the things that is important in my life and the best of all, in all thats imperfect about me is just perfect to the people that truely matters to me and that is to my DH and LO for my life is complete for having them in it and GOD to help guide me to this unpredictable world called life!

Inspired by 
52 Weeks of Blogging with a Purpose: Who I am 

“I may not have gone where I intended to go, but I think I have ended up where I needed to be.” 
― Douglas Adams, The Long Dark Tea-Time of the Soul ―

À bientôt

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