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Wednesday, 1 January 2014

[52 Weeks Blogging Challenge #1 ] - 2013 Sums up!

 Hello to a brand new year of 2014!
What's more appropriate then to sum up all the events of 2013 in pictures according to months! As previous years, 2013 proved to be a globetrotting year once again for us and we have covered a lot of KM too :) It keeps us busy and on the go all the time but the down side of it , it gets tiring sometimes but  enjoyment of travellings quickly picks up pace and we are recharged once again :)
But anyhow, New year of 2014 promise the same type of pace for us but perhaps from a new destination :)

And this also marks my commitment to blog at least once a week  as I have decided to join the 52 weeks of blogging challenge so every week I will have something to write about I hope hehehe :) So I have choosen monday as the day i will do my 52 weeks of blogging challenge. Wish me luck!

Thanks to  Becky from mrs to mama , She made a list of 52 blog topics or ideas that will help to shape the 52 weeks of blog topics  and so the journey begins :)

So heres leaving you with a wish of a wonderful day with love ones and enjoy these pics!

January 2013 - Safa Park, Dubai
St. Valentines Day, February 2013 - Social House, Dubai Mall

March 2013 - Jumeirah Beach Park

April 2013 - Lok Kawi Wildlife Sanctuary 

May 2013 - Dubai desert Safari
 June 2013 - Ras Al Khaimah

July 2013 - Kundasang, Ranau, Sabah

August 2013 - Rome & Asisi, Italy

September 2013 - Lisieux, Beauvoir Sur Mer, St Gervais,  St Christophe Du Bois, Nantes, Medoc, Bordeaux, Albi, Lourdes, Artouste and Paris, France

 October 2013 - Abu Dhabi

November 2013 - Dubai Motor Show

December 2013 - Beauvoir Sur Mer

Hope to see you guys soon on my next post! 
Au revoir for now :)

À bientôt

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