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Saturday, 18 January 2014

On flight to Rome...Part II (Vac 2013)

 3 years ago I took similar photos of the snowy mountains during our flight from Paris to Rome, this year we repeat the same flight and I was so delighted as i was able to take similar photos just as I did back in 2010.

You can have a look at those photos here on my post:  On flight to Rome 2010

Back then I was using just my tiny Oly camera and now I have a slightly better one which is a Samsung Galaxy camera. But eventhough I had abetter camera this time around I was not able to get a steady hand to take good ones coz this time around I have a toddler flying with us and she too wants to have a look at the window hehehe :)

Anyhow, enjoy these photos and I hope to have plenty more snowy mountain landscape like this in the near future :)

Des gros bisous!

À bientôt

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