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Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Artsy Miss M :)

Last weekend , by chance we stumble upon this cafe called Café Céramique  in Festival City Mall  while looking for a place to have our lunch. We are not familiar with thi mall and finding the restaurant area was not so easy and  while walking we saw this cafe and decided to give it a try. As it turned out, this is definately a wonderful project for toddlers to release their creativity on a project and at the sametime it will be a keepsake for them later on :) Definately recommended for parents with toddlers to come to this place with their children :)

It's a very quiet and comfy restaurant and perfect for a family to do painting projects together. This is what we did after we had our lunch we decided to give it a try and let Miss M do some art work by herself :)

The ceramique project area where you choose a ceramique to paint it afterwards.

Our yummylicious Lunch :)

Miss M choose the Dinasaur for her painting project as at the moment she is crazy watching the Dinasaur movie on Disney and so Dinasaur it is then :)
It's so much fun actually and we truly enjoy this quality time together and watching our daughter for once transfering her usual mess on to her chosen dinasaur and mummy and daddy help make the mess as well :)
swell!! :)

Finishing touch on the final product, while daddy supervised on the colouring and brushes  mummy wrote the date, name and location  and as well as eyes, nose and lips for Little Miss Dinasaur :)

After painting job is done as usual miss M couldnt help but make her signature mess on the papers provided :) tee hee!

While mummy was busy making the finishing touch, Miss M found herself new friend there and they were playing with each other as though they have known each other for ages. DA took the opportunity to snap some pics of these two playing and it's truly  amazing indeed :)

So we send the Miss Dinasaur for it's last process which is to be bake and this takes 8 days until we come and pick up the finish product :)

Eight days later, voilla! Miss M was so happy with her little miss Dinasaur that she kept kissing it and hugging it but  finally mummy had to take it away from her as its quite fragile so off it goes to the shelf as a display and will be forever a reminder of Miss M's first work of art :)

Here goes Miss M's Miss colourful  dinasaur :)

À bientôt

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