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Thursday, 11 March 2010

DAY 70 - My Friend from Korea :)

Last year during valentines day my hubby took me to Amsterdam for a romantic getaway and during this time is when i met a new friend called Eun Young Koe. In just a few minutes we became good friends :)

She took a picture of me and soon we took pictures of each other and said that we will send each other pictures and guess what?? the email she sent me was last year and i just read it today!!! it was marked as junk in my email coz she had a different character onher name and the email filtering made it as junk :( Luckily today i went to scan through roughly my email in the junk and suddenly her email caught my eye and i opened it and found a picture an a short note. i was quite annoyed at the incident but i hope she will write back to me again as i finally sent her a reply. Im crossing my finggers that i'll get a reply from her soon at the mean time here are pictures of us in amsterdam :)

The picture i got from her email :)

Eun Young Koe

my hubby took this picture of me and Eun 

 PEACE indeed :)

 finally before we parted..

À bientôt


  1. Ah I am glad you found that e-mail, what a shame it has been there so long, your new friend would think you have not bothered. I hope she replies to you now. Great photos.

  2. yeah, i hope she replies too if not im one sad girl :(