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Friday, 5 March 2010

DAY 64 - Remembering Spring in Beauvoir 2009

I'm remembering my Spring in Beauvoir because after such a cold winter it's just so wonderful to watch all these flowers started to spring up from their sleep and bloom! I fell inlove with all of them. Back in Malaysia, there is only two season hot and cold and so the vegetation and surroundings are constantly green and more greens. But in parts of the world where they they hve 4 season its incredible how the terrain, vegetation and surroundings just change every 3 months. Sometimes it's a bit too much changing and the people living in 4 season countries envied the ones living in sun sunny countries, but on the other hand people in the sun sunny countries sometimes complained thats its not much changes happening warm will always be warm rainy will always be rainy and its time for them to envy the people living in countries which have four seasons.

As for me, im going to take full advanatage of remembering all the seasons in the world with my photographs and so i can never forget how the smell of first spring, how the warm breeze of summer, the musky smells of pine during during autumn and wonderful moments spent at the fire place, the sunny breeze back in KK, the sweaty walks in town at the suday market, the thunder raging sound of the moonsoon rain etc.
All this make up of life in planet earth!

Enjoy my spring fower collection from Beauvoir Sur Mer :)

I wont get tired looking t you

Im ready to open up and embrace the sunshine and bloom!

I will fly an spread my wings a far.....

Basking on he sun to be pretty :)

My bells are soon ringging for the sound of spring :)

Delicately but surely....spring is in the air :)

Oh my ! what a sunshine smile you have :)

Im the lady in red waiting for the sun to give me my glow :)
my life is green so will be the planet when spring comes :)

Yours truly, spring of 2009 :)

À bientôt

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