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Wednesday, 3 March 2010

DAY 61 - so much to do ...

 This month i have a lot of things on the tube and so it's going to be pretty busy month for me. I read a lot on Astrology especially at my friend moreen where i use to work at back in KK  introduced to me this site and since then i'm hooked! well so much so it says that i'm going to be extra lucky this month and also it says that it's a good month to conceive! Oh wow dont know how far the truth stretches on this one but we will see :) i can see a lot of people heading to this site now hahaahah :) good luck to you guys too :)

Besides that, my school kicks in and i'm kept busy thesedays with my reading and course studies and bloging as well. I hope my first completion of my course will go well during this end of month and we will see how it goes after this then :)

This month also brings me to the Embassy of France for a couple of times to do some updating of my carde desejour and visa and so on because i see two visas expiring very soon so have to keep tabs of that or else somebody can't do some heavy travelling this coming month so no no no for me. So better be early then regret!

The next course of things brings me to a lot of travelling back to France and KK. Which will begin sometime end of this month or so and i'm soooooo excited about this !! :) and this also needs a lot of planning to be done and some of it is already done but's still up in the air somewhere....

A lot of planning! Yes me and mon coeur did a lot of this for next two months to come coz then it will be our vacation time and we have to devide our time precisely to that we can include everything and everyone and places to be visited.

And here is a sample of all the bubbles in my head as of this how am i going to sleep well now hmn....

À bientôt

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