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Sunday, 20 September 2015

Sunday Chilaxing

I've promised some of my readers whom wrote to me wanting to see more pictures of the sunflower plantation that we visited every year and so the promised photos are finally here :)

These sunflower farm is located about 8 minutes away from my in laws place and it's at St Gervais. Fortunate enough the owner of these sunflower farm are good friends to my father in law and so he gave us the permission year after year to visit his sunflower farm which he change location every year but within the vicinity of his land. 

The best time to come visit actually depends on how hot the summer is on that particular year. sometimes it blooms the fullest in the month of July and sometimes in August as well. but this year, it bloomed to it's fullest capacity at the end of July and that is why these sunflowers you see here on my blog are pointing to the ground coz actually the sunflower seeds are weighing heavily on them so they turn to the ground whereas when they first started to bloom the flowers would have bloom towards the sun.

But anyhow, I'm just happy to see them year by year. Brings smile and happiness to me and my Little one as she loves very much running around the sunflower field and picking up some flowers for her grandma for her home decoration for the summer.  So, I hope these photos will give the same effect as i had when I see them happy and smiling like the sun to all of you as well :)

so here are the photos and hope you guys enjoy looking at them and if you have any questions just fire away at the comment box below I'll be more then glad to reply.


Got one for my grandma :)

Miss M was saying it's "Kuaci" heaven  here mommy :)

picking out "Kuaci" ;)

Mommy look at how big the sun flower is :O

Wefie :)

And another one for the album and until the next sunflower report au revoir! :)

À bientôt

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  1. Cilla, love your baby tummy ,, you look lovely girl and so does ms Maeva .. she has grown so much, so pretty and love her curly locks .. xoxo