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Saturday, 22 March 2014

Rome - Part 3 (Vac 2013)

On our Third day in Rome, since it was a Sunday, we decided to attend the early morning Mass @ St. Peter's Basilica. We got there pretty early and it was almost full but the point is... we made it!

Took these pics right after mass showing  the place where the mass was held. Just as I remembered it 2 years ago when we went visiting here with my sister.

Parents was beaming with happiness coz they get to be part of the sunday mass.

And surprise! We get to watch the pope perform a private mass.
We were just about to exit when i spot the pope making his way with the others to a small chappel from within the Basilica  and there I was standing watching in awe and of course with the camera on my hand  to capture this most memorable moment for me and also for my family to be able to witness this and saw the pope in real.

here is a short video that I managed to shoot that day.

After seeing the pope in front of our very eyes, we decided to head out but not before we tooks some pictures first :)

Photos of the family from the exterior of  St.Peter's Square.

Images taken from the exterior of St. Peter's Square.

This concludes our pilgrimage to the holy vatican city, St Peter's Basilica and around st Peter's Square. Next will be posting about our visit to Asisi, Italy so stay tuned everyone!

À bientôt

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