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Sunday, 16 March 2014

Rome - Part 2 (Vac 2013)

I havent written a  post on our italy trip in a while and so today I've decided to post some photos on the 2nd day of our trip in Rome :)

The 2nd day of our stay in Rome brought us to the place where we wanted to go the most. It's my 2nd time visiting here and the first for my parents and Miss M and numerous time already for DH:)

Hope you guys enjoyed the pics :)

waiting for our guide :)

off we go :)

drinking/stocking the fresh water from the vatican :)

Interior of the Vatican

The garden and the entrance for going inside the Vatican museum.

Going in the sistine chapel

mom was so happy to meet with these st franciscan sisters they are just immaculately wonderful!

It was ascorching hot dayt but still managed to take some shots at the exterior of basilica st peters at vatican city.

Hope you had a sound idea how vatican city/museum looks like from these pictures and maybe now is a good time to book for your flight to Rome then hehehe :)

see you guys soon on Part 3 of our trip to Italy until then stay tune folks!

À bientôt

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