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Monday, 10 March 2014

52 Weeks Challenge #11: Goals For Motherhood

Thanks to  Becky from mrs to mama , She made a list of 52 blog topics or ideas that will help to shape the 52 weeks of blog topics  and so the journey begins :)

52 Weeks Challenge #11: Goals For Motherhood

As a Mom I want to...

1. Spend more time with my little girl.

2. Do more activities with her

3. Have Patience .
Being a mom can be a hard job. Being a mom, wife, sister, daughter, friend, etc. can be even more challenging! I want to always be patient with my children and give them time to be kids.

4. a positive role model 

I want to be a person who my little girl can look up to and have a positive impact on her growing up days to be a cheerful and caring person with so much love to give. primarily because most of the time they look up to us and are reflections of a mother's own feelings showing up in her kids.
If the mother is happier, her children will be more content as well.
So happy mother it is then :)

Hope to be able to teach her more of things that would benefit her in the long runs and motivate her to always be positive and always encouraged to explore.

As a mother, I have many other goals, but most of all, I want my child to know she is loved. And always wlil be and will make it a point to tell and show her this every little chance I have.

À bientôt

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