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Sunday, 24 November 2013

The World in a City

The last day of the weekend, so we decided to have our lunch at Biella @ MOE aka Mall of Emirates and it was an awesome lunch indeed.
our yummylicious spread :)

And then after luch we proceeded to go to carrefour to do our groceries shopping when this big display of miniature buildings are on display and i saw....
This on display.....

yups they have this list of things in one city

I'm still digesting this wonders in one city thingy

What a vision...


very advance

And lucrative...


Until it becomes a reality  feel free to look at their website for more details. Very very interesting futuristic vision indeeed.

Dont know how the impact is going to be on people living in Dubai but I think it's good way of making use of desert land and turning it into a place to live and full of entertainment at the same time. I just hope we are still in Dubai when this Dream city is finished ...
we'll see....

À bientôt

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