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Saturday, 26 January 2013

¨ NO WAY ¨ Gangnam style!

This week, we have been bombarded with word  ¨NO¨ and  ¨NO WAY!¨ from Miss M and my ears are still sore from hearing it often from Miss M.

Whenever we wanted her to do something like putting her back on the stroller or time to take her bath  she would never fail to use these words as a sign of protest kunun. Mula2 I find it cute , lama kelamaan bikin geram pulak.  Apa kau suruh dia semua pun dia bilang no way...erghhhhh....

Her papa said we must take a photo of her saying this words and then pin it on her  baby book to remind her later when she is already a big girl how she made her mom and dad go nuts by saying this awful words :)

And so I did. took these pictures, printed them out  and it's definately going to be in her Jolly good baby years book for a show and tell when she is a lot older to understand the value of this book :)
muahahhaha :))

Miss M's ¨ NO WAY ¨ Gangnam style 1  

¨ NO WAY ¨ Gangnam style 2

¨ NO WAY ¨ Gangnam style 3

and finally followed by this look...

Inilah nih si nakal sia...naughty girl indeed :p

À bientôt

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