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Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Roundup of 2012 Trips :)

Was supposed to post this on the 31st of December of 2012, but was not able to do so because of the problem I have with my glasses went missing and all and then my eyes got blurry real bad so, finally got that sorted out and here I am now doing the roundup of 2012. What a bang it was indeed. 2012 proved to be a very interesting year . They were ups and downs here and there but mainly they were all happy times. 2012 also sees us doing a lot of travelling  Dubai - KK and Dubai - France , was very much tiring BUT it was worth every sleepless nights and days we had to endure while going to all these  places. 

Overall, 2012 was a pleasant year with our little Miss M growing by the day. Now travelling becomes more of a challenge after having a little one but certainly that did not hamper our spirits in the slightest. In fact we love travelling with the little one in tow coz it's much more fun and exciting all the time coz she is experiencing everything for the first time and so the excitement is there all the time and us wanting to document each and every moment of that  beautiful moment for Miss M was surely keeping us on our toes and busy all the time, but all for a good cause indeed :)

I just love this pictorial way of describing things and am using it here as to me it more simple and easier for me to recall back what we have done and went to in 2012
So here it is :)

We were so lucky indeed to have not just 2 but 3 families visited us here in Dubai. Hubby's Brother Jean Luc and his family came in February and then his sister Cécile came in November  wit her family too and finally my aunt  Alice came too with her daughter. Marvelous time spent with all our guests and we enjoyed it very much and most importantly, thank you all for visiting us and hope to see all of you here someday soon :)

Vacation was extremely fun! Travelling with friends and family sure makes up a wonderful vacation and trip. Hope to be able to do it again this year and I'm pretty sure this year will also be a wonderful year for travelling for us as we've already made plans and so far it's all going to be travel, travel and travel for our family. 
Very much looking forward to what 2013 have in store for us and looking forward also to have good times travelling with Miss M in tow :)

The reason why I made this list of travellings is also because I have loads of photos to share with everyone and we are going to take this opportunity to dedicate a few post just for these travellings and we are going to try and showcase it all. so stay tuned everyone!

Until our next post....

À bientôt


  1. Yoohooo! :D I'm back! Thanks for the note on my blog. Really appreciate it, my dear Cil. xxx

    1. Yeah! goody! goody! we back in the same wagon now yippeee! :) Thanks for dropping by my blog Jen xoxo