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Thursday, 24 January 2013


The cooler days are finally here In Dubai and its been A few days now Dubai been having below 20°C weather condition and we are loving it. According to the weather forecast its going to be like His for a couple more days so we will definitely take advantage of this kind of weather by going out to the park.

Here's the weather for today, took this of from my phone :)

And here is Miss M getting all cozy with her fleece sweater and also her warmy plush toys to keep her warm during when she is watching her TV programmes on telly.

Well, thats all for now and stay tuned for moree updates later ya!

A bientot!
(Blogging from my phone)
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  1. bila la sy mau pakai winter jacket ni.. hahahaha..

    1. Buli bah sana kundasang kah, sana Genting kah but sana cameron highlands lah sa suka sejuk jugak sana tuh bah tapi bagus kau pi sini lah visit saya hehehe :)Actually dulu seblum sa tinggal di Dubai saya ndak tau pun disini buli sejuk begini but I guess now I know sudah hehehe :)