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Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Little Tiny Candy Cinema :)

We bought a small DVD player for her when we were In France last Spring coz we have lots of road trips and the road and car hours is so long and winding that you have to have something ready to keep the little one occupied during the journey so we played her some children's Disney DVD and it happy and preoccupied baby on board! :).

This photo was taken on one of our road trips back in France back in April and look at this baby having a 1st class treatment in the car with DVD running and a food and baverage served 24/7 hehehe

And so I thought that all the DVD that we bought we can view them back at home here in Dubai, but to our great surprise, all the DVDs do not work on any of the DVD player's we have here just because it has a Zone protection build in on the DVDs that only DVD players in France is allowed to view it..Duh!

So what to do...the little one finally have to resort to viewing her favourite DVDs on the small DVD player and here is how it was set up for Miss M to enjoy her DVDs :)

She is so happy that she have her own little cinema going on there , she was so relaxed her plushed toys all surrounding her kiri and kanana pun ada toys..kaki pun ada toys jugak hahahha minuman  & makanan/ food & beverages served 24/7 also ...haiyoh..bertuah ini budak :)
But anyways, at the end of the day we have one very content toddler in the house :) 

Happy Week everyone!

À bientôt

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