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Sunday, 14 October 2012

16 Months old today!

Miss M turned 16 months old today and lets recall what this 16 month old toddler can do :) 

  • Screams at the top of her lungs. 
  • Climbs almost everything and anything that she can climb
  • Runs. she runs like she's been chased by a dog.
  • Pooh.  She graduated Potty training for doing #2 only.
  • Mess. She loves making a mess of her play corner
  • Eats like theres no tomorrow and she loves to eat fruits and green beans, carrots and rice
  • Dances to the tunes of J-Lo's Dance Again on the TV
  • Baths. Her most favorite part of the day
  • Babbles. Lots of this
  • Books. can't live a day without them.
  • Teeths. She now have 14 of them pearly white biting machine.
  • Milk. Reduced to 3 times a day now but with a full bottle each.
  • Snacking. Hmmmnnn...wonder where she gets this from :p
  • Sleeps. From 8pm to 8am. Not too bad at all
  • Naps. Reduced to once per day and usually lasted for 2 to 3 hours.
  • Walks. She walks a lot and starting to walk on her own now
  • Stroller. Starting to use less of this.
  • Drinks. She loves apple Juice and is drinking in her own tiny toddler bottle now.
  • Hiding. Yes this girl likes to play hide and seek and You can usually find her under the table or behing the curtains her favourite place to hide :)

This is all what i can think of for now but will add on later things that I might have forgotten to list down here.

And here are some of the Digital scrapbook I made especially for this day!
 My baby girl is all but a a toddler now...huhuhu

Always up to a mischief BUT most of the time just being her adorable self :)

Happy 16 Months old  ma petite coeur!
Mummy & daddy loves you to bits!

À bientôt

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