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Sunday, 14 October 2012

Foggy Day in Dubai

Usually, on a normal day in Dubai our view from the balcony of our apartment will give us this clear view in the morning like the photo below...

But somehow, sometime last week we woke up to this view....

For a while there, I thought, what?? Dubai  is snowing??
Then I went back in our bedroom and saw this view...

I always wondered how it feels to be above the clouds...well this is one of the "above the clouds" situation :)

This happens all because we are going into Fall season here in Dubai, and that means cooler weather and yes it will be wonderful to walk outside now  no more sweating armpits and walking into oven like basement parkings hahaha
and Miss M can enjoy more walks outside and not suffer from nappy rash afterwards.

Oh....can't wait for winter time in Dubai now ! :))
Hope you guys enjoyed the pics and see you on my next post!

À bientôt

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