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Friday, 27 August 2010

The best part of April 2010

 Going back home to KK was a treat although i have some work to do helping out my sis as much as i can with her wedding preparation and all :) But anyhow, here are some of the higlights of my stay there in KK :)

 My dog Oberone that i havent seen for 6 months just was so wonderful to see him all well and healthy :)

 Oh btw, this is Oberone's friend  simply "The Cat" she was lazing around the house because..........she is so very pregnant :)

And my mom's and grandma's greeneries! i miss to look at them very much when i'm away...

and my favourite of all....

My darling Nephew Ferdinand!!
what a joy to be woken up every morning by this little tiny curly top and no matter how you pretend to sleep he will try very hard also to pry your eyes to open :) and jumping on aunty's air bed in the morning is a ritual for him :) très mignon ce petit garçon :)
 My sister burried him with all his soft toys and play peek a boo with us so so so so cute!

And then there were events through out the month of April that i get to higlight pictorially :)

Milly and John Big dinner day with the family :) Welcome to the family Jon Jon! :)

 the 1/4 meeting with the Jambus! there should have been more of the jambus but i guess we just have to make the reunion the big one next time then :)

The most awaited occasion of all my highschool classmates reunion! What a blast!

Our weekend shopping mission with mom and aunty Alys in KL it was a suprise trip but one of the most  mémorable one indeed :)

Finally another short trip to Labuan to visit my best buddy Diane & her ever so loving and beloved family.

Well i hope to update all this fabulous events individually in my blog later on but at the mean time enjoy them pics :)

Big Bisous!

À bientôt

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