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Sunday, 29 August 2010

Beautiful trees in KK

 When i was back in KK last April i cant believe when i saw KK was so beautiful and i have this feeling that i'm somewhere overseas or more precisely in Japan hehehhe 
Just look at them trees! They are so gorgeous! To MPKK or whomever that is responsible to plant those trees gets a thumbs up from me coz i really thing is a great idea and really change the outlook of KK city centre tremendously!

I took these photos using just my camera photo but it is enough to capture the beautiful KK with the beautiful tress blooming :)
 the white ones...
The pink and white were planted alternately....they really bring out the romantic side of me and was thinking of Spring which reminds me of France just when i left for KK the fruit trees were all blooming just like this :) 
 ahhhh...beautiful sabah indeed :)

Big Bisous!!

À bientôt

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