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Sunday, 29 August 2010

Baby Dinan in Action again :)

A large part of my stay back in KK is usually around this little tiny curly tops!
 He has a way of curling into ones heart and make it all warm  and nice feeling...he have lots of tricks to make you gigle and laugh and with his sheepish smiles you cant get far by saying NO!
he is the little man in the house :) capable of twisting even the dragon in the house and especially the dragon in the house :)

here are some of the occasions or places that we were together spending quality time with this tiny curly top that only brings joy to everyone :)
Have fun viewing the photos :)
 This is when mom was trying to get rid of the broken luggage and was placing it outside for the garbage collector to come and pick it up but i guess our little tny top have other plans for it :))

And sitting outside and playing with aunty Yi yi's stuff is one of his favourite past time :)

This is when we took him to Mc D's and he had the whole playground to himself what a treat for him :)

One of our shopping trip at CP and he was playing with this animal revolving machine and running all over the place ran through everybody's feet  and it was definately an "ouch" moment indeed :)

 This is another shopping trip we made in Merdeka Shopping mall. We went into a kiddies shop where they sellm shoes and clothes for kids and my Nephew saw a shoe that was quite similar to his dad i think it was and demanding to wear it so the young lady at the store put it on him and he dissapeared and ran out to my mom and so i paid for the shoe and since then it's one of his favourite shoe or shall i say, running shoe hehehe:)

And here we have a baby in the basket ready to be sold at the market heheheh he is so small tht he could fit himself in this tiny basket....sooooo kawai indeed :))

Big Bisous!!

À bientôt

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