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Sunday, 12 October 2014

Sunday Chillaxing

I just love Versailles! Weekends here are just the best coz there's so many activities you can do, especially around the Chateau itself.

One of our favorite thing to do is to have long walks around the gardens. Because it's such a huge place, it takes a while to walk around all of it in one day. 

here are some of our pics taken a few sundays back during the first week of Autumn. It's so beautiful here now with my favourte colours of Autumn starting to show it's beauty :)

Part of  the Marie Antoinette's estate

Greens everywhere...can't hardly wait to see the full blown Autumn colours on these trees :)

My favorite picture of all the pics I took of that day :)

busy collecting marrons just for the fun of it as Miss M have an idea to play  or do crafts with it later :)

off we go to see the basin :)

ah...such a serene sight.

Maman...where are you? :)

Here miss M have the freedom of running the whole stretch of the basin  which is her favourite thing to do of course :)

Ahhh...there it is..the majestic view of Chateau de Versailles...

A very romantic place too :)

It's also a place for young and old to do sportive things like the one shown in this pic.

All in all, we had a marvelous time spent here at the chateau gardens and enjoying our final days of wonderful sunny days of summer here in Versailles, France.

Hope you guys enjoyed the pics and see you guys on our next post and have wonderful week ahead! :)

À bientôt

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