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Sunday, 19 October 2014

Chilaxing Sunday - It's all about FALL

It's so good to be back in Beauvoir! Miss M seems to have a jolly good time playing and exploring the outdoor :)

One of the most wonderful thing about Going back to Beauvoir is the smell of fresh air, the vegetation and most importantly, good weather :)

Here's some photos of Miss M and the family soaking on probably the last days of summery weather until the real FALL weathers kicks in. 

Was really a nice day today and a really fine way to welcome the ever so charming season of Autumn/Fall or Automne as they say it here .) 

Loving the autumn breeze...

Climbing the apple tree...her favouritething to do :)

Gardening :)

Family lunch outdoor to take full advantage of the 28C weather :)

Holloween already? :)

Saying goodbye to her papa as he's going back to Work in Versailles and we are having a sort of mini vacation here with the cousins and granparents :)

Trademark of Autumn, the Pumpkin :)

The many, many activities of Miss M :)

Hope you guys enjoyed them photos and here's wishing all my readers a prosperous and happy week ahead! 

À bientôt

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