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Monday, 29 September 2014

Blast from the past Monday!

Here's another blast from the past post that I should have posted way long ago but never get the chance to do so because 1st of all this memory card which contains these pictures were actually lost and 2ndly the pictures containing all these picture were also lost from my Hard Drive due to data corrupt and so I never get to post these pics or the story.

Anyhow, recently we moved from Dubai to France and of course a lot of digging and arranging of things took place and surprise! out of the blue this memory card which was lost for nearly 5 years re surfaced amongst the piles of papers I have in a box. So I thought these photos deserves to be  made into a post on my blog for it's persistent to discovered! hehehe

These adventure  of my sister and me took place in the summer of 2009 and it's just one month before my wedding day! SO it's kinda a memorable one as  we went globetrotting  in Europe as single ladies at the time hehehe
It was a great adventure we both had from, going on trains that was delayed for 8 hours on our trip to Amsterdam. Cross country  4 countries in 1 day! what an experience it was but top of it all we met with a lot of new friends especially from the Sabahan Abroad gatherings . It was an experience of a lifetime  for both of us as this is the first time we ever traveled together  for the longest of time :)

But one thing is for sure, my sister and I got our sisters mojo back during this trip and it got us more closer then ever and thats just priceless.

SO here are the infamous pictures of us in Paris all in one fun and glorious filled day with out best pal in Paris, Philippe :)

Thanks Phillipe for lending us your time to paint Paris RED with us :) Merci Beaucoup!

Thank you to my sister Millie Wot for going on this trip of a lifetime with me and having a great time doing what we do best and that is, being sister! Love you to bits!
Oh yes, thanks also to Philippe for all the wonderful pictures you took of us during this trip :) Merci beaucoup Philippe!

À bientôt

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