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Saturday, 27 July 2013

Jalan2 cari buah tarap :)

I have been craving the "Tarap" fruit for weeks so finally my mom said come let's go and search for some tarap fruit at the Pasar Dongongon , Miss M and I jumped on it coz it's been ages since I've been to one and also it will be Miss M first time to and visit one. So off we go :)

Look at them yummy  tarap fruits :)

Miss M having a ball walking about and touching all the vegetables and fruits at the stalls :)

Miss M telling my mom which one she likes :) as she kept saying wow to all the fruits that my mom pointed hehehe

Ok nenek Im going off to another stall now :)

 Off she goes again to visit a stall which have live fish in one of its cool box.

 I kept telling her to go forward and to look on her right side...

 Ah....finally she saw the box full of " Ikan Keli" she got squirmish and jumping about  with excitement looking at them squirmy fishies :)

Then when she had enough of walking she went to search for her grandpapa to go get the "tarap fruit"

 She finally made a choice this one grandpapa :)

Overall it was a delightful experience for little Miss M for this is the first time she was let to walk by herself and see for herself what is there to see in a pasar such as this. she was touching everything and smellling all sorts of nice local fruits smells particularly the tarap fruit.

Actually I would have taken photos of me and Miss M devouring the tarap fruit but our hands are otherwise occupied hehehe hence no photos taken. But Im glad to report Miss M is definately a kadazan girl for she likes all of our local fruits here and particularly the tarap fruit :) I'm one happy mummy indeed :)

So here is the Tarap fruit that Miss M choose and ate :) super delicious indeed yummmmmmmey!!!

Kotohuadan everyone!

(I'm on Vacation mode hence blogging from my phone)

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