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Monday, 11 March 2013

The Malaysian way or the French way?

The children in France usually have a snack around 4 o'clock, and they call it "un goûter à quatre heures" . When I was living there , this was my favourite time of the day as it's the only time I get to snack on something. Being Malaysians, it's natural for us to eat just about anytime of the day thats why we have a lot of restaurants that opens 24/7 but in France there's hardly any. By 7 or 8 pm the places in town are all close. In Paris, at least during the weekends you can see some restaurants open till the night but other type of shops are all close for the day. Different country have different cultures and so are eating habits. 

Between me and my husband we are totally different when it comes to food eating habits. I'm always hungry and always searching for food while my husband stick to his 3 meals a day. I have my three meals a day too but, plus this and that making up all the roti canai and pisang goreng and all the snackings of "minum kupi time" I think it's no wonder he is so slim and me a pear shape as always hehehe

So now comes the question , do I follow the french way of eating habits or the Malaysian way for our daughter and I have decided to give the "goûter à quatre heures" a try with miss M and it works! 

She is now healthily eating her snacks of toasty bread pieces,+pieces of fruits (apple, grapes or banana) and either a fruit juice or just a plain water everyday at 4pm.

Picture below shows how miss M usually have her "goûter à quatre heures" with her hippo friend who seems to be always hungry like her hehehe


Choosing Utensils for the snack

- Try to use the same plates and utensils when giving snacks
- Preferbably unbreakable utensils

Choosing types of snacks

- Tasty
- Healthy
- Easy to prepare

Choosing types of drinks

- Fruity
- No added sugar Juices for kids
- Water

Choosing a place to have the snack

- Bright area
- flat surface
- play area
- children's table & chair

Voila! Have a good snack everyone! :)

À bientôt

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